Saturday, May 22, 2004


I feel like I never have any time anymore!! Its all his fault I have such mixed feelings about him, I don't think I'm really romantically interested I just I don't know, sometimes I want to talk and sometimes I make up bullshit excuses (are there any other kind!?) Right now I don't really worry about it, I mean I'll find out soon enough and even if I never find out...whatever.

This whole not caring thing sucks so bad. I mean come on, you know there is nothing more I want, there is nothing else I ever think about and I can't just all of sudden say I don't care. Ugh I wish school was like twenty hours long, just so I wouldn't have to sit here and think about this, you know I never really think about it in school, I'm usually pretty busy, (slacking off is an art) my mouth is like never closed its only when I get home and pick up a pen that I start thinking. Holy Moly it would totally kick to be a robot...

This is so repetitive, every single day its the same thing, this is obsession in the bad way, and the way where like you don't even know about it. I mean okay okay I get the picture here's every single day in a nutshell

Wow I hate him
Talk on the phone some
Oh my fucking god I hate him
Online some
I hope he dies
Homework/Education related stuff
I hate hate hate hate him
I looove him, ::thinking of all the good days:: wooow I loove him

Ugh my geez, I mean that was a bit exaggerated, I didn't know there was that much TV in my life...well its in like small doses like I've not watched a whole TV show since about last year. I just wander around writing or reading mostly. meh, let me say this again, I need to be shot. How pathetic is this?
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