Monday, June 07, 2004

So the concert last night...oh my goodness I was counting ceiling tiles to keep myself amused (173 per square and there were 7 squares) and then I tried to see how far I could count in French I got up to quatre cent. And that's a pretty cool achievement if I do say so myself! Anyways since Jan is in such suspense I got a new list today



1. Evan Tage- Bar none. Evan is my number one home slice. I am so sad to see you leave sweetheart but if you do not tell me next time we talk I will rip out your heart and eat your children. Oh and I love you soo much (haha here have some extra!) We have so many inside jokes, so many good times, so much fun, but don't worry, this is so not goodbye!
2. Joe Wood- Wow. I don't even remember how we met or anything but you know I love you. You are the best ever and we've had so many good times. What would I do without you?
3. Lindsay Ann Burdsall- Aw my number one girlie. I missed you so much in those months you were sick (hopefully you'll never get sick again) Well chickie we've got our poems (I'm better than you and know it!) Vaughn (I'd tie a knot haha) Toast and so many other things. We'll always be best buds (and I will call someday when I'm supposed to)

4. Todd- Wow Frenchy we've planned our future to such an extent, and I missed you so much, I don't even know why but all of a sudden we just stopped talking. You know how much I care for you. And I will always, I hope our dreams do come true!

5. Jan Roos!- In such suspense to see who else would make the list? Jan you ought to be first! We all know that Jan kicks the most ass around so what more to say? Everyone loves Jan, I'm just another fan.

This list I will probably add to, but before I stop I want to say it was made mostly out of dislike not love. It was made because of all those memories that hurt, and if you'll pardon my emo, I cannot think of them and not want to die. You don't know what you've done to me, but someday you will pay. Excuse every clich├ęs but brace yourselves because there will be more, I am not done with this, I just...I'm watching TAAL! Can you say tasty? haha, thank gosh gives me an excuse to not stare. Kajol is sooo ugly I don't know how I stood her

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